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Tiara Ring 925

Tiara Ring 925

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925 silver

925 silver, also known as sterling silver, is a metallic alloy composed mainly of silver (92.5%) and a small amount of other metals, usually copper (7.5%). This alloy is widely used in jewelry and in the manufacture of decorative objects due to its beauty, durability and resistance to corrosion.

The history of 925 silver dates back centuries. The use of silver as a precious metal dates back to ancient times, with evidence of silver mining and the manufacture of silver objects found in several ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. However, pure silver (99.9%) was often considered too soft for most practical applications, as it scratched easily and lost its shape.

To overcome this limitation, goldsmiths began adding small amounts of other metals to silver, such as copper, to increase its strength. The resulting alloy, with 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, proved to be an ideal combination, as it maintained the beauty of pure silver while increasing its durability.

Size guide

Find out your ring size

Using a ruler, measure the inside of a ring (diameter) as shown in the image

Compare the measurement in cm with the values

17mm - Size 17

18mm - Size 18

19mm - Size 19

20mm - Size 20

Glamoury Store

Our jewelry uses high quality materials and is created and developed in detail by specialized technicians tailored to each client.

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The raw material used

The materials used to design our jewelry are of extreme quality and thus ensure that the jewelry never loses its original appearance.
  • How to Order?

    Simply select the desired pendant color (Rose Gold, Gold or Silver) or desired size and add to cart.

  • Preparation and Shipping

    Due to the high demand for our product and the high number of orders, order processing time may take up to 5 working days.

  • Refund Policy

    Returns are accepted within 30 days, if a defect is found, and if this is communicated automatically upon receipt of the order.

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Tania Fonseca

Adorei! Vou voltar a comprar!

Helena Ribeiro

Melhor do que o que eu estava à espera

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Esteban Jacobi

Good quality and correct size, I recommend your purchase

Teresa Pereira

In love com este anel, vou comprar outro!